Not every swim athlete have a smooth ride in attaining their goal and become a successful swimmer. They have ups and downs in their career. However there are ways for yourself to get better and work towards your mission. Well, yourswimbook is one such aspect and a key to stay motivated and oriented on the road to your goal.

They can provide more than motivation and accountability. This will also help you to determine how much have you worked in the direction of your journey or were you overtraining.

Reasons to have a swim log

Want to gain more consistence in your swim, your swim book, will do the magic for you. They help you to identify your performance leaks and helps you to focus much harder to mold you into a better and versatile swimmer. Let us see some of the reasons why you need to have a swim book:

It will keep your focused on your goals

Generally people go to pools to stretch out and do some aerobic workout. Well, they blindly follow the rules and instructions provided on the listing. However when you do it with objectives, apparently it will offer extended benefit and indeed guide you in the right road to your mission. Well, it will set a realistic path to make better and smarter goals

It will help you to assess yourself

The main objective of the swimmer is to get faster with experience. To improve your speed you will repeat the same set and reduce your time duration. However, you will not realize whether you have improved or need to improve further unless you record your reading.


Based on your recordings, you can assess your performance and provide feedback for your own efforts. This will provide a more clear vision on your ability and hard work!